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Making very good use of a creepy score and some genuinely atmospheric cinematography (not to mention enough action to keep things interesting), THE WORLD OF THE DEAD turns out to be one of the better Santo movies. Our hero gets the lion's share of time on screen (which always helps in a Santo movie), and is, in fact, aided and abetted by longtime friendly rival Blue Demon. Blue, it turns out, has been resurrected by a witch to help dispense her own particular brand of justice to the Santo of today, whose ancestor (Santo in a 16th century get-up) brought about her untimely demise (she was burned at the stake). Blue Demon fans, please take note: our hero is under a spell cast by the aforementioned witch and is not bad for the sake of being Bad; in fact, by film's end… Well, you'll see. At one point, Santo enters The World of the Dead in a VERY effective sequence that includes stock clips from HERCULES AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. One more thing I feel inclined to mention here is a VERY graphic sequence (following Santo's stabbing) of open heart surgery: the operation is shown in various stages, and it's the real thing. For my money, it lasts much too long. That quibble aside, SANTO Y BLUE DEMON EN EL MUNDO DE LOS MUERTOS is a VERY entertaining movie, and, as stated, one of the better Santo movies.

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